Tis' The season for Embroidery

A 10 page pdf explains the process with many step by step photographs to take you all the way through from cradle to grave. The paper pattern is a separate pdf that you'll print onto 8 pages, then trim and connect with sticky tape to give you a permanent pattern to use over and over again. This is a great project where the beginner will learn new embroidery techniques and the seasoned embroiderer will simply be happy with the end product after it's all finished.

All my designs are original and copyright protected. When you purchase my designs you are permitted to use them on garments and items that you embellish for your own use and to sell, however, the actual software design may not be shared with anyone, not even your very best friend. You paid for it with your own hard-earned dollar, so it’s yours to use but not to share. To copy isn’t fair and it’s illegal. I encourage you to invite your friends to explore my site because there are many interesting things to see and learn. ENJOY!